3 Tips for a Stress Free Couples Photo Shoot

“So you’re saying we will be making out, in a field, in the middle of nowhere, and you’ll be two inches away from our face with a camera lens?” I know, it seems weird, but you have to trust me. It will be an adventure, but first, we have to get you comfortable before the adventure even starts. It can be stressful getting in front of the camera, add in walking around for hours, cold fingers, and a camera lens a foot away from your face while you make out and you can see where it can get uncomfortable. That is why I have compiled these three tips to help you feel more comfortable and get you in the right mindset so that you are stress-free going into your photo shoot.

Stress free greenhouse photo shoot

1. Take the day off

Lay low, let yourself experience a slow day with your significant other. Spend some time together, make breakfast or dinner with one another, try out that new bar you’ve been talking about, make the day all about you and your love. This not only helps you to really feel the love that you will want to capture on camera later, but it also lowers your anxiety levels and gets you in that stress-free state of mind before the photo shoot begins.

2. Try on your clothes

I know it sounds funny, but you would seriously be surprised how many couples I have captured who bought a new outfit or new shoes the day before our shoot and didn’t give themselves a chance to try them on. Suddenly they have blisters on their heels, their shirts not fitting right and every time a gust of wind blows by their skirt flies up to their face. Try on your clothes the week before your shoot so you will be stress-free the day of.

Not sure what to wear for your couples session? Check out this Pinterest board with inspiration

3. Make it a date

My job is to capture you and your story, your likes, your dislikes, the little look you give your SO when they tell you they love you, the giggles when you trip over the same curb on your block for the 10th time. Start your session off with things you are familiar with and feel natural to you, like cuddling on the couch, or taking your dog for a walk, then maybe branch out and try something new.

Let’s make our session an adventure rather than something to just cross off a list. Your photos are so much more than a pile of pictures, they’re a snapshot of your life as it is right now and a way to share your story for years to come.

Still a little nervous about your shoot?  Shoot me a text to go over the date with you and we can figure out what’s making you uncomfortable.  I promise you once you’re there if you do these three things you will be able to relax in front of the camera for a stress-free session. 

Stress free in home photo shoot

If you take these steps prior to your photo session you’ll be ready to relax and have some fun by the time your session arrives. I’m so excited to work with you and I’ll probably see you soon!

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