Why you should have a Sunrise Photo Shoot in Chicago

I’ve been a photographer for a little over two years now and at this point I have had the honor of serving over 60 couples.  I kid you not, every single session that I have had was AMAZING and honestly such a privilege to be a part of. I must say though, I have a very special place in my heart for sunrise photoshoots, especially in Chicago.

You’re probably thinking, ‘uhhh that sounds horrible, getting up at the crack of dawn, getting ready, getting out of bed, and taking pictures? Holy heck no.’ Hear me out — there is SO MUCH MAGIC that comes out of sunrise sessions and I feel I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t tell you why you should seriously consider them.

Why I love sunrise photo shoots.

  1. Sunrise is, in my opinion, the most beautiful part of the day. It’s such a cool experience waking up before the sun rises to get ready.  It builds anticipation and excitement; it gets me feeling giddy just thinking about them. I feel like I’m going on a secret adventure every time I wake up to meet a couple in the dark to catch that first early morning glimpse of the sun before everyone else in the world wakes up.
  1. You have your location to yourself.  Most people won’t get up before sunrise — on most days people aren’t out of their house until 8am. When I meet a couple at sunrise for their photo shoot the place is deserted, quiet, and peaceful just for them, even in Chicago. The city is still sleeping, they are staying quiet for us, so we can spend this intimate time alone together.
  1. The light looks so good on you ;). But seriously, it does! The sun is lower but strongly growing and there are so many unique colors that are spread along the horizon. The experience is just gorgeous.  Sunrise generally has a little bit softer of a glow than sunset, so the colors just dance upon your face as it greets you and gets you ready for the rest of your day. 

Do I have you dreaming of your next sunrise session yet?  Want to say your vows as the sun comes up on your wedding day?  Let’s freaking do it!  Fill out my booking info here and we can start planning your sunrise couples shoot!

Check out Katie and Kelly’s full Sunrise session here!

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