Late Night Couples Session | Claire + Nasri

Couple lays in the grass at their date night

I am SO EXCITED to share some of these older sessions with you! I’m FINALLY catching up on all of my favorite couples sessions including some late night date night sessions from over the past two years. Claire Nasri and I go way back, (really, Claire is my cousin so I’ve known her since she was in diapers) and we had the BEST time playing around with my camera at midnight around the fourth of July a few years back.  This is for sure one of my favorite sessions!

Chicago Date Night

Claire and Nasri’s Late Night Date Night

Wanting to practice my flash photography, these two met me outside their house one night after spending time with friends for a spontaneous session and it ended up being the best time ever!

These two are the goofiest human beings and are honestly always down to try anything so I was very excited to practice some flash photography with them.

We ran around underneath the moonlight, drank our Coca-cola’s and snapped some polaroid pictures as we laughed and hung out that night.  These two seriously were open to whatever I wanted to try, they fully trusted my creative process and it really shows in their gallery.

Late night couples sessions are SO MUCH FUN.  There is so much room to play and there’s just something so cool and intimate about having photos done of you and your lover on your simple everyday date nights.  Not only does it remind you that yes, you do need to continue to date and have fun with your partner, but it also reminds you that these moments are really the ones you will want to remember one day when you’re old and grey.

Chicago Date Night
Chicago Date Night
Chicago Date Night
Chicago Date Night

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