Engagement Photos in the Chicago Suburbs | Taylor + Mitch

For their engagement photos in the Chicago suburbs, Taylor and Mitch chose to keep things close to home by having their session in the comfort of their home. I guess a more accurate description would be the comfort around their home, but you get the idea! I had SO much fun with these two and I’m so excited to share their session with you all.

Their Engagement Photos at Their Home in the Chicago Suburbs

Something I recommend all couples do, whether it’s something big or something small, is work towards making your session feel like YOU. We’ll talk more about how to do this later on in the blog, but Taylor and Mitch’s session is a masterclass in this. These two have a lot of things that they love in their lives outside of one another, like their dogs, their home, their backyard, afternoon bonfires, and biking around their neighborhood to name a few. These are the things the two made sure to incorporate into their engagement photos in the Chicago suburbs, and the results honestly speak for themselves! Their session turned out totally unique, was a ton of fun, and was SO fitting to them!

Making Your Engagement Session Your Own

Now, depending on your interests and the style of photos you’re looking for, it may sound a little tricky to get your session to feel like you. That’s why, like earlier, I like to point out that you can do this in both big and small ways. Whether you do something larger like focusing the entire session around the activities you love to do together like Taylor and Mitch, or you do something smaller like head to your favorite ice cream shop for the ending of your session for a sweet treat, making your session feel like you can look like a lot of different things. There’s no wrong answer here, and if you have an idea but aren’t sure on how to make it work for your session don’t forget to ask your photographer for some insight and guidance!

I had SUCH a blast documenting Taylor and Mitch’s engagement photos around their home in the Chicago suburbs. Every relationship is unique, and getting to experience Taylor and Mitch’s love in the environment they’re most comfortable in really was truly special. If you’d like to see more of my work be sure to check out my Instagram or other love stories on my blog. If you’d like to book me to document your love then be sure to send me an inquiry through my contact page!

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