Geneva Family Photographer in Home Session

As a Geneva family photographer, it’s fun to look back and thing about where I started my journey as a photographer. When starting my journey with photography I spent a lot of time documenting everything under the sun. After a year or two I decided to exclusively photograph weddings, BUT, I still would document families from time to time. I ADORE this little lifestyle session I took of some of my family and as I get back into family photography I am so excited to start making images like these again.

Geneva Family Photographer

As a Geneva family photographer, I love to lean into documentary-style photography. Documentary-style photography for family sessions leans into the story that changes so fast as you’re raising little ones. It’s your daughter’s first tooth that JUST pulled through this week. It’s your dog being taught to not steal food from the high chair at the table. There are so many little life moments that feel so big and significant now. But they fly by so fast, many in just weeks of one another before a new thing arrives. These are the moments that are so important to document as you’re raising your littles.

At Home Family Photography Geneva Illinois

There’s a special kind of magic that comes with an at-home family session. As a Geneva family photographer, at-home sessions always hold a special place in my heart. Having your family session in and around your home allows your children to show off their world and everything in it. It gives them space to play and dance and have fun in front of the camera. It gives them space to be free and show off the parts of them you love the most. I loved documenting this sweet family as their littles are just starting to explore the world. Rocking their Oshkosh overalls, we spent our afternoon drawing with chalk and eating ice cream out in the sun.

If you’re looking to document some of the sweet moments that are making up your life with your littles right now, head to my contact page and let’s book your session!

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