10 Things I Want Every Couple to Know When Planning Their Wedding

Over the past four years of running my photography business, I have been a part of HUNDREDS of weddings. With that experience, I have learned a handful of things about how to put together an epic wedding day. Here are ten things I wish every couple knew when planning their wedding day!

1. Plan in Alone Time

You won’t have any true alone time together on your wedding day if you don’t plan for it. Your wedding day is going to FLY by, and unless you plan some downtime for the two of you to soak it in and enjoy it, you aren’t going to have any time alone. When planning for alone time throughout your wedding day, I recommend planning it during a time when you are already close to being alone, such as right after your first look, or before or after your wedding portraits.

2. Spread Out Your Wedding Portraits

When planning out your wedding timeline I like to set aside one large period for the majority of your portraits, around 20 minutes or so, and then one or two other opportunities to take a couple of portraits throughout your day. Popping out for couples portraits not only gives you variety in your wedding album, but it will also give you and your partner a second to breathe and watch your wedding from an outsider’s perspective as it happens in real time.

3. Send Out Your Wedding Day Timeline

There are a LOT of people involved in your wedding day, so spreading the word on the order of events can be SUPER helpful when planning out your wedding. About a month out from your wedding day, we will put together your wedding day timeline and finalize it the week before. Save your wedding day timeline to your phone as a photo and send it to your wedding party and your immediate family that will be a part of your wedding day. That way when the day arrives, everyone knows what’s happening on your wedding day and people won’t have to go to you to figure out what’s going on!

4. Don’t Forget to Steam Your Getting Ready Gear

If you’re planning to wear a silk robe, pajamas, or something else you’ve ordered online to look nice for getting ready photos, be sure that they are steamed and hung so they are ready to go the night before your wedding. This also goes for your veil and your wedding dress! Hair and makeup do NOT do well with steam, so the last thing you want to have going the morning of your wedding is a steamer in a room full of people with their hair and makeup professionally done. Take your steamer and iron the afternoon before your wedding, and have a little steaming party with your wedding party. Iron the shirts, steam the veil, steam and the wedding party dresses so that they’re ready to go the next morning.

5. Don’t Get Oversized Wedding Centerpieces

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into a wedding reception and the centerpieces you spent ALL of your time putting together are on the ground next to the tables because the guests can’t see each other to talk. When planning your reception, think about creating a beautiful but also practical tablescape that will allow your guests to interact with one another from across their tables. If you do want a taller centerpiece, opt for a platform to put them on that allows your guests to still see one another through the platform.

6. Order an Extra Wedding Invitation

Don’t forget to order an extra wedding invitation suite to be photographed the morning of your wedding and also to be kept in a keepsake box for after your wedding day. Any other details you’re super excited about such as wedding menus, thank you cards, or shower invitations you will also want to order an extra!

7. Don’t Put Your Bouquet in Front of Your Faces During Your Reception

A great way to reuse your wedding bouquet and bridal bouquets during your reception is to put them in vases on your head table. The only issue with this is if your bouquet is upright and blocking your faces, we will have to move it to a different location. Please note though that during the speeches, we will need to be able to see your faces, so the bouquets will have to be moved out of the way so that we can document your reactions. If you don’t have an alternative spot for them, don’t worry, we will find one!

9. You Don’t Have to Do This All Alone

Remember, you have your wedding party and family there for a reason. Planning an event as big as a wedding is a BIG deal, so don’t be afraid to ask for help from your amazing wedding party and family! Delegate, ask for help, and lean on them.

10. Trust Your Vendors

As you plan your wedding you’re also putting together an epic vendor team to put together the experience that is your wedding day. Throughout the planning process your vendors will look to you to help them prepare the experience of your dreams so that when your wedding day arrives, you can rely on us to do the rest! When it comes to your wedding day, you can trust us to take over and put together the experience of your dreams. When your wedding day arrives, kick back, relax, and enjoy this AMAZING day you’ve put together.

Though there are MANY more important things to think about when planning a wedding, these are ten things every couple should think about when planning their wedding day. For more tips on wedding planning and a look at my recent work, check out my Instagram! For the next steps to hire me as your wedding photographer, head to my experience page for more information

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