52 Instagram Caption Ideas for Wedding Photographers

As a wedding photographer, the fatigue that comes with trying to create for social media is SO real. That’s why I’ve put together 52 different Instagram caption ideas for wedding photographers that you can use to help you show up on Instagram this year!

52 Instagram Caption Ideas for Wedding Photographers

1. Behind-the-scenes

My first of 52 Instagram caption ideas is one that all wedding photographers should use, behind the scenes work! A look at your client questionnaires, or even a video of you directing a wedding portrait session or wedding party. Share some insight on how you direct your clients on a wedding day, and why they love it so much. Pull from the feedback you’ve heard from clients, pull hot words from your client reviews, and talk about how you hope to make your clients feel on their wedding day.

2. Client Testimonials

One of the best ways to show your couples why they should hire you from your wedding day is to share the reasons why your past clients hired you and loved you! Client testimonials are SUCH important resources for potential clients, as they show them that you’re trustworthy, they show insight into the experience they might have on their wedding day, and they help potential clients know that you’re the right photographer for them.

3. Venue Spotlights

Take one of the recent venues you LOVED working at and put together a paragraph of some of the things you love most about the venue! Tag the venue you worked with, and share some of your favorite photos you’ve taken there that really showcase the beauty that the venue brought to your couple’s wedding album.

4. Love Stories

Let’s be real, at the end of the day, all this work we’re doing is all about them. Share your favorite love stories from your couples that make you swoon and just love your job so much more. If there’s anything from their love story that you or they integrated into their session or wedding, make sure to highlight that in your post!

5. What’s In Your Gear Bag

Believe it or not, you don’t need to be India Earl for people to care about what’s in your gear bag! Not only will other photographers be interested in what you have in your gear bag but your clients will be too! They love hearing about the behind the scenes that go into your wedding day, and they love having reassurance that their wedding photos will be safe because you bring two different camera bodies to their wedding day.

6. Wedding Day Tips

Share some of the favorite things you’ve seen at your clients’ weddings and why your future couples should implement them into their wedding day. Not only will your past couples be SO excited that you are sharing something from their wedding day, but future couples will be excited to reference your ideas for their own day.

7. Share the backup Process Post-wedding

Lying on your rug at midnight backing up your clients photos as you try to stay awake might not be pretty, but your clients will love to know that you go the extra mile to ensure that their photos are safe as soon as you get home from their wedding day.

8. Share Seasonal Wedding and Session Tips

Whether it’s planning for an earlier sunset, or choosing an engagement session date when the weather is typically a little better, sharing your favorite seasonal tips to help your clients have the best session is always a great thing to share on socials.

9. Detail Shots

Share the details of your client’s stories. Take 10 detail shots from throughout their wedding day and talk about their importance to the overall feel of the day. Talk about how they carried a handkerchief from their grandma who was also their best friend. Talk about the picture of their dad that they had made into a charm to go on their bouquet. All of these small details matter, and potential clients will love seeing that you care about these small moments.

10. Destination Weddings

If you shoot destination weddings, or if you want to be shooting destination weddings, be sure to share images that are clearly not from your home state on your Instagram feed! Whether it’s a styled shoot with palm trees, or or a couple skiing down a mountain in their wedding gear, these are all sure signs that you can share through an Instagram captions that show you’re a destination wedding photographer.

11. Vendor Collaborations

This should be something you do anyway, but be sure to tag all of the vendors you worked with on your couple’s wedding day when sharing your photos with their hard work in it! If you want to go the extra mile with a vendor you loved, give them a shoutout, why you love working with them, and share some of your best images of their work.

12. Engagement Session Stories

Share stories from your experiences during your engagement sessions with your couples. Share what actually got them to laugh that hard, talk about how busy the location was, or a funny interaction they might have had with a passerby.

13. Timeline Tips

If you prefer to photograph wedding days that have a first look integrated into them, be sure to share the reason for it or any other timeline preference you have for a wedding day, and why it not only benefits you as their photographer, but how it benefits their experience as well.

14. Wedding Day Stories

If you have an insane photo to share, share the story behind it! Couples love reminiscing on their wedding day with others, and sometimes they don’t even know the story behind the photo from when it happened!

15. Your Photography Philosophy

Share a little bit about what makes your eye for wedding photography unique. What do you like to focus on? Why do you love to take certain types of photos on a wedding day? What makes your services different from everyone else? We as wedding photographers all have different styles and ideas for our work, it’s great to share those in your Instagram caption to show what sets you apart!

16. Introduce Yourself!

This may be an obvious one, but introducing yourself as a wedding photographer is SO important. As a wedding photographer, you’re often spending the most amount of time with the couple than anyone else does on their wedding day, so they’re going to want to get to know you first! Share your favorite drink to have in the morning, share your passion for Taylor Swift, or how much you love decorating your home. These ideas are the little things that you can share through your Instagram captions that will set you apart from other wedding photographers.

17. FAQ’s

Look through your old emails and pull some of the top questions that are asked throughout your exchanges! Create a few carousel posts on the topics and share them throughout the year.

18. Local Love

Share an image of you working at your favorite local coffee shop and talk about how much you love supporting the small businesses in your area!

19. A Day in Your Life

Every once in a while, share a little peek at what your day looks like as a wedding photographer. Show the boring stuff that you do on the back end, share a video of you packing your bag for a wedding day, or your location scouting for a session or elopement!

20. Sneak Peeks

If you share sneak peeks for your wedding galleries, put together a Reel shuffling through the whole sneak peek gallery! Couples will love seeing their photos and future couples will love knowing what they will receive within the first week of their wedding.

21. Your Favorite Engagement Session Locations

If you work in a cool location like Chicago, or San Diego, highlight some of your favorite spots to go to for engagement photos! If you live somewhere a little more adventurous where you might want to keep your locations a secret, share an image of your favorite location and talk about how you location scouted it exclusively for your couples.

22. Flashback Fridays

Shoutout one of your favorite weddings from a past season! Share a photo from each significant part of their wedding day in a carousel and talk about how much you loved working with the couple.

23. Talk About Your Why

Similar to your photography philosophy, talk about why you love your job as a wedding photographer, and why you document a wedding day the way you do.

24. Exciting Life Changes

Though yes, we are not influencers, it’s still fun to share some of the big life changes that come up in your life! Past couples will love seeing updates, and future couples will love having something to ask about when you arrive on their wedding day.

25. Mood Boards

If you use mood boards when planning a creative session or client session, be sure to share them! Talk about where you pull inspiration from and how the couple ties into some of the images that you chose for their mood board.

26. Personal Story

Share your own crazy story from a wedding or a session. Did you catch a glass of wine from spilling on a white wedding dress? Did you run to document the moment when Uncle Jim fell into the lake behind the venue? What are some of the craziest things that have happened to you while on the job?

27. Wedding Day Timeline

Share a wedding day timeline from a wedding that you photographed, and pair it with the photos taken during that time. This will help your future clients picture what their wedding day could look like as well as show them how knowledgeable you are on making a wedding day flow nicely.

28. Creative Sessions

Whether they be a styled shoot, or just you and your best friend having fun with the camera on a random Saturday, pull some of the photos from the experience and share them on your socials! Share you pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and what came out of it!

29. Highlight the Main Characters

Share some portraits of your couple and talk about how cool they are as people, and how they integrated themselves into their wedding day!

30. Highlight the Supporting Roles

There are so many supporting roles that go into a wedding day, take some time to highlight them! Share how a mom made her son feel special on his wedding day. Share how the maid of honor danced on the dance floor ALL night long.

31. Cultural Celebrations and Traditions

Couples love to see that you have experience documenting their traditions on a wedding day. Share some of the traditions you’ve documented and talk about what the traditions are, and how they were special to the couple.

32. Vendor Team Highlight

Put together a post from one of your favorite weddings highlighting and shouting out the vendor team that made it all happen! Tag them in the images and talk about how team-oriented the wedding industry has to be.

33. Unexpected Wedding Photos

Go through a gallery and pull some of your favorite photos that aren’t the main event. Talk about why these photos are important to telling the story of the wedding day.

34. Highlight the Services You Provide

Make sure to share all of the different services you provide and rotate them! If you photograph families, couples, and weddings too, make sure to share all of your services regularly on your feed.

35. Wedding Traditions

If you’re a sucker for the moment when a parent gives away their child on their wedding day, talk about it! Or maybe you surprisingly love the craziness that comes with the bouquet toss. Pull your favorite images of this tradition and talk about what makes it so fun.

36. Pre-Wedding Preparations

Share your pre-wedding preparations with your clients! How do you pack your bag, what do you bring, do you print the timeline or save it as your phone background? What goes into getting you ready for your wedding day?

37. Getting Ready Tips

What do you hope your clients get done before you arrive on a wedding day? Do you typically arrive when their hair and makeup are done? Do you expect the wedding party to be dressed when you arrive?

38. What Do You Pull Inspiration From as a Wedding Photographer

Outside of your couple, who do you pull inspiration from as a wedding photographer? Where do you look to feed your creativity? Sharing these ideas and inspirations on our Instagram captions to show our clients that we are constantly looking to grow and evolve as wedding photographers.

39. Photography Workshops and Education

Share what you’re learning about to better your business! Talk about what you hope to implement in your photography business and who you can thank for the education.

40. Wedding Décor Details

Share the coolest and most unique things you’ve seen on a wedding day. This will inspire future couples and give the couple who’s wedding you’re featuring a bit of joy as they see how much you love the effort they put into their day!

41. Styled Shoots

Showcase your involvement in styled wedding shoots, and talk about their importance to the wedding industry. Talk about how they set the trends for the following season and are an opportunity to give wedding creatives a chance to show off their talents.

42. Talk About Posing

Pull a few of your favorite images and talk about how you prepare your couples to have their best experience posing throughout their wedding day. Do you offer prompts? Do you tell them exactly where to put their hands? How do you guide them through their photos?

43. Showcase the Wedding Albums

Take images of the albums that you provide for your clients and emphasize how important it is to print your wedding photos!

44. Show a Little Bit of Gratitude

Showcase why you love your job and how freaking cool your clients are. Give them a little thank you for everything that they’ve done for you and why you loved working with them!

45. Talk About Your Goals as a Wedding Photographer

If you have a goal to shoot a wedding in every state by 2030, talk about it! Show your progress and all of the work you’re doing to reach that goal. Talk about your business growth and where you hope it will go!

46. Guest Stories

Share your favorite wedding guest stories. Whether they’re funny snippets of things that happened on a wedding day or sweet things they did for the couple, share a little bit about why that guest sticks out in your mind.

47. Advice for Couples

Pull your favorite pieces of advice you have for couples, and even pull your favorite pieces of advice your past couples have for future couples! You can do this by doing a little story question box that asks your couples to share their favorite pieces of advice. From there you can then turn it into an Instagram post of advice for future couples!

48. Highlight the Grooms Portraits

Let’s be real, the wedding industry is a beast, and it also is very focused on the brides. Take a minute and gather some of your favorite moments with the groom and share them on your feed!

49. Share Your Favorite Industry Secrets for Other Wedding Photographers

One of my favorite things I wish I had known when I was starting in wedding photography is to set your wedding day timeline as your phone background. I also always suggest the couple does this as well as other vendors that need to reference the timeline regularly! That way when you check the time you can also see the timeline. Sharing industry tips and secrets like this is what keeps our wedding vendor community so close-knit, and so unique!

50. Share that You’re an Ally

As a wedding photographer that serves LGBTQ+ couples, I have found that if a couple reaches out to me and doesn’t see an LGBTQ+ couple on the front page of my website, or within the first 9 posts of my Instagram, they worriedly ask whether or not I photograph LGBTQ+ couples, which breaks my heart. Be sure to share consistently that you are an ally, and make sure that you share images that feature LGBTQ+ couples regularly.

51. Wedding Anniversaries!

Be sure to put a little note in your calendar for the wedding anniversaries of your couple! Share an image to your story or feed from their wedding day celebrating them and let them know that you’re thinking about them.

52. What You Specialize In

Last but not least! As a wedding photographer, be sure to share why couples hire you to photograph their weddings in the first place. For example, couples hire me because of the way I document the energy of the wedding day, so I’m always sharing documentary-style moments of couples reacting and interacting with the people they love the most on their wedding day.

And there you have it! 52 Instagram caption ideas for wedding photographers to help get you through the year! There’s a lot of info here so be sure to use and implement it to start improving your social media presence. You can check out my Instagram for a first-hand look at some of these tips, and for more photography tips be sure to check out my blog.

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