Outdoor Wedding at Hawthorne’s Backyard | Lacey + Patrick

Lacey and Patricks’ outdoor wedding at Hawthorne’s Backyard had the bare bones of tradition and everything else SCREAMED them. As soon as I first spoke to Lacey about her and Patrick’s wedding day I was beyond excited, to say the least. A bouncy house, Wiffle ball, and BBQ, this literally sounded like my dream wedding.

Getting Ready for Your Wedding with Your Dog

Lacey and Patrick’s love of their life was their late pup Champ, so it only made sense that Lacey spent her morning getting ready with him. Keeping things simple, Lacey got ready with her mother and her sister-in-law and brother. They went out to lunch and then popped up to their bedroom to put on their makeup and sit with Champ before Lacey put on her dress.

Wedding at Hawthorne’s Backyard

With Patrick’s love of Wiffle ball and a lack luster for traditional wedding things, it only made sense that Hawthorne’s Backyard was the perfect outdoor wedding venue for their hot summer wedding. Once Lacey arrived, they had a first look and took a handful of portraits together before heading in before the ceremony. The ceremony was SCORCHING, Lacey and Patrick both had to stand in the sun and their families hid in the shade as half of the ceremony chairs were in full sun.

After their ceremony, Lacey and Patrick were ready to PARTY. We took all of their photos prior to their wedding ceremony so we were free to let loose the rest of the night. Playing Wiffle ball, Volleyball and celebrating, we had SO much fun dancing the night away. Patrick and Lacey both made a change to a more comfortable and breezy outfit for the evening.

These two were the PERFECT anti-bride and groom, I will forever be obsessed with their wedding day and for sure vote that everyone should play Wiffle ball in a wedding dress at least once in their life. I hope you love their wedding day as much as I do. And if you’re planning a wedding that is even HALF as epic as Patrick and Lacey’s count me in.

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