A Look at November 2023 as a Chicago Wedding Photographer

Life updates for November 2023🥰 as a Chicago wedding photographer. Not going to lie, it was a weird month for me. We spent the month just as we liked it surrounded by family and spending a lot of time at home, and I was even able to fit in a handful of sweet family sessions for some of our loved ones.

I started the month photographing an absolutely beautiful Palestinian henna party for Leyan and John. Their party was filled with so many rich Palestinian traditions, it was so special to see Leyan’s side of the family together celebrating their culture and then sharing their traditions with John’s side of the family.

I had two other family sessions throughout November that were so freaking special as they were both for some of my sweet cousins on both sides of the family. Meanwhile, Tanner and I had a heavenly low-key month spending our time working on the house, putting in a window in our shed, finishing up some projects, and prepping for the winter months in our tiny home.

Off Season

One of my favorite parts of being a wedding photographer in Chicago is that there can be kind of an off-season once winter comes around. Prepping our home for winter, AKA getting any major house projects done and closing up the backyard comes with me sessions just starting to slow, and then by the time the first snow hits I might have maybe at most one more wedding before the holidays come.

We have time to help our parents bring the holiday cheer to their homes. We make time to catch up with friends we might not have been able to chat with through busy season, and we start to make some goals heading into the new year.

During this time I recoup, relax, recharge, and work on my business so I can bring a great new approach to my work and client experience.

This off-season I’m working on a whole lot of business backend stuff. Reworking my accounting, taking some classes, updating my website and prepping for all my amazing couples this upcoming season. I’ll also be working through some courses that have been on my list for awhile now.

-Going through additions to SEO is Fun by Catalina Jean

-Browsing through some resources on affiliate marketing

-A course creation class by Nicola Dixon

and much much more!

I’ll also be spending some time solo, drinking a lot of coffee, teaching myself to cook, and then spending a lot of time snuggling with Kayla, playing piano, and missing taking photos. I hope you love seeing a little bit of me outside of walking around holding a camera, and I hope you have the best holiday season.

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