Wheaton Family Photo Session at Blackwell Forest Preserve

This Wheaton family photo session was everything you could ask for out of a family session. Melissa, Michael, the boys, and I met up at Blackwell Forest Preserve in Wheaton on an overcast October afternoon to document a little bit of this time of life they’re living in. The boys are some of the sweetest little ones and they had so much fun exploring the forest preserve.

Where to Take Family Photos in Wheaton

There are so many beautiful places for photos in Wheaton, as they have SO many great forest preserves. When it comes to taking pictures with your kids, the more simple you can keep it the better. There are so many variables in every day life, having a calming and serene place where your littles can explore and have fun with their family makes for a great experience for a photo session.

Some other great locations for family photos with little ones:

-Herrick Lake

-Blackwell Forest Preserve

-West Branch Forest Preserve

-East Branch Forest Preserve

-Batavia Park District Pavillion

-Fabyan Forest Preserve

-St. James Forest Preserve

How to Prepare for a Family Session

Leading into your family session you’re going to want to make sure you’re approaching it with the right mindset for your littles. Frame your family session as something you’re excited about (because you are!) and that it’s going to be a lot of fun. The way you talk about your session will make or break the session itself!

Rather than saying things like:

-If you smile for the camera we can get ice cream afterwards


-be a good listener for the photographer or else

Try things more like this:

-In a couple of days we are going to go somewhere new with a new friend to explore and take some pictures together!

-This weekend, we are going to all get ready together, you’ll wear that pretty dress daddy got you and we will go to a park where we will take pictures of you in your new outfit!

Frame the session as the reward, frame the session as the main event, and get yourself as excited as you would like them to be!

Head here for more information on planning your own family session with your littles.

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