10 Couples Photo Ideas to Make Your Photos Feel Like You

Not into frolicking around a field and making out with your partner? I get it, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I am ALL about taking photos that reflect you and your human because I want to put together a session that feels like you through and through. I’ve put together a list of 10 ideas to customize your couples session so you can have photos that feel like you.

1. Take photos from your home

Moved into a new home this year or just really in love with the space you’re living in? Have your couples session in and around your home! Kaitlyn and Tony love the little space they call home and wanted to have part of their engagement session in and around their house. Tony actually grew up in the house they purchased together which makes it even more special as they create their home together.

2. Head to one of your favorite restaraunts or bars

Jess and Brian hosted their rehearsal dinners at one of their favorite restaurants and then hired me to document some of the moments that made up their evening. Using small businesses or family driven restaurants as the backdrop of a couples photo shoot is one of my favorite ideas. It makes for such a unique story and preserves so many cool memories.

3. Spend a slow sunset at the beach

Have a favorite spot to start and end the day? Then let’s have your session there! We can start by taking some photos in and around your home and then walk to your favorite spot to lay low and close out the day together.

4. Walk around your favorite parts of town

There is SO much history in any town. Whether its the town you fell in love in or the town you’re beginning your next chapter in, it is so special to be able to have photos in the different towns that your life has taken place in.

couples photo ideas

5. Show off your favorite parts of your life

Incorporate the things you love to do together into your couples session. You never know where life is going to take you, so its important to document a bit of what your life is like right now so you can remember it for years to come.

6. Do your favorite fancy date night

Have me start off your night on the town together. I can document the two of you getting dressed up and ready together then grabbing the first round of drinks before ending your night with a late night dinner!

7. or your favorite every night date night

Maybe your style is a little more on the casual side and you and your partner are ALL about the late night date nights. Whether it’s hanging out by the fire at the end of the night or hitting up your local 7Eleven by bike I am HERE FOR IT!

8. Explore somewhere new

If your favorite kinds of date nights are the new kinds of date nights where you walk around and explore a place you’ve never seen before then you might consider this for your session too! Spend your afternoon walking around a brand new forest preserve or part of town that has been on your list of to dos for awhile now.

Couples photo ideas

9. Incorporate your passions

One of my favorite ideas for a couples session is to incorporate your passions, the things you love more than anything. Whether it’s painting, hiking, dog training, beer or wine tastings whatever sets your soul on fire lets incorporate it into your session!

10. Or celebrate the next chapter of your life whatever it may be!

Having a little babe? Moving into a new home? Let’s take some photos commemorating these major changes that you’re going through or are about to go through!

I hope these 10 ideas helped get you inspired to have couples photo shoot that truly feels like you, because that is what it’s all about. Documenting the moments that make you and your person who you are. Looking to book a couples session of you own? Fill out my booking info here and let’s get you in front of the camera!

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