Your wedding Day Experience

What can you expect from your wedding photographer?

Trust and communication

A customized experience

Every single one of my couples is completely different from the next.  From the get go we work together to create a relationship and an experience that reflects the expectations you have for your wedding day.  Whether you want a more structured day with a detailed timeline or a bare bones timeline with little to no guidance I make sure to customize the experience I provide to fit your wedding day.

Active and passive participation

Throughout the planning process we will work with one another to define what my role will be on your wedding day as well as what you hope to carry with you once the festivities are all over.  More than likely you will spend more time with me on your wedding day than you will with your future spouse, which is why it's SO important that we set expectations on what your day will look like and what you want me to document throughout your wedding day.

My wedding photography style uses a balance of what I call active and passive photography.  Throughout your day I will bounce between documenting passively, documenting things as they happen without my input or altering of what is happening around you, and active participation in which I use a bit more direction in documenting your day.  Through this balance you end up with a mix of natural interactions between your humans and the camera capturing some personality directed towards the camera.

A peek at a wedding day