Go Green 2019: The Pela Case

Greetings blog readers! So I don’t know about you, but I know that I am constantly low key freaking out about my carbon foot print. With talks of global warming all over the news and the constant reminder of it through trash all over the city it is hard to escape this reality. I have been trying to be much more conscious of my consumption, where the products I use are coming from, and my overall carbon foot print.

Having a background in industrial design my brain is always looking for new products on the market that are conscious of the environment in their production, shipping, usage, how they affect our bodies, and their final disposal. As I add a number of these products into my life I thought I might share some of these with you throughout 2019 so hopefully we can all go a little greener together.

My first post for Go Green 2019 is a fairly popular product that many of you might have heard of called Pela Case. Pela is a brand started in 2010 by creator Jeremy Lang after he went on a vacation to Hawaii and saw first hand the damage that was occurring to the ocean due to consumer plastics.


The Pela Case is shipped to you in a brown recyclable shipping envelope with very little adhesive, and no unnecessary additional plastics. It is made out of a material called Flaxstic which is a compostable bioplastic. Once the product is ready to be retired you can compost it in local composting bins located throughout your city or your own personal composting bin, if you have one. If you don’t have access to a composting center you can also use the Pela Cycle program, where you can send back your old Pela Cases and they will recycle them to make another generation of Pela Products. You can contact the company with the email to get the process started. When sending it back you will also receive a 20% discount code to use on your next order!


Along with their compostable phone cases Pela also helps others save the planet. With every purchase of a Pela Product a portion is donated to their partner organizations such as Save the Waves, Surfrider Foundation, and Oceana to help preserve and protect our oceans and coastline ecosystems. This way not only are you protecting the ocean by not purchasing a plastic product, but you are also helping preserve and restore our oceans from the damage already caused by plastics and other litter.

If you are interested in purchasing a Pela Case of your own you can use the link listed below to get $10 off your first Pela Case!

The link and discount code expires February 20th of 2019.

Marisa Savegnago