Self Portraits in the Yellow Apartment

Even though I am a photographer, I often have a lot of trouble getting in front of the camera. I feel self conscious, I don’t know what to do with my hands, I feel stiff and uncomfortable the majority of the time my brain is usually moving at hyper speed, so in order to work on that, I have started doing self portraits with my boyfriend Tanner once or twice a year.

We typically do them for a holiday or a major event in our lives, like moving into a new apartment or graduating college and this weekend we decided to take some photos in our home! I set up my camera on a tripod, either use the timer or a little remote from amazon which I have linked here:

and then we just kinda go for it. We put on some music, put on our favorite jazzy clothes and start taking some pictures!

We took these pictures for Valentines Day/ our Birthdays since they all happen within two weeks of Valentines day, and I must say we have gotten much better at posing and looking natural for these photos over the years. Here are a look at the photos!

* DISCLAIMER we are not getting married, I always wear those two rings on my ring finger *

Marisa Savegnago