A Look at My Work

Space Barn


Photographing artists, doing their thing, busting a move and getting their groove on has to be one of the most satisfying things in life. I recently had the opportunity to photograph a band performing live for the first time and it was quite an experience I must say.

One of Tanners best friends from home recently invited him and I to a concert that him and his band The Elements were putting on. We had seen them play in their basement numerous times before and I had seen pictures of them playing in a couple of bars so I was extremely excited to see them play live in front of a crowd.

So Tanner and I hopped in our car and drove all the way up to Duluth and what we found felt like it was straight out of a movie. We pull up to this beautiful plot of land surrounded by woods, through the trees winds a dirt bike path and parking spots on either side of the half mile long driveway. We pull up to the barn where a makeshift stage was set up, a DJ booth and all sorts of artists were being prepped to play, doing sound check and looking at what the have to work with.

The night was filled with partying, dancing bonfires and food, the night felt like it went on for days. Act after act went on all different from different parts of Minnesota and the neighboring states. The night was definitely an adventure, one I will never forget.


Marisa Savegnago