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A Behind the Scenes Look at The Brie Show


This week I had the opportunity to take a visit to the beautiful home of artist Brie Hines. A Chicago dweller and one of my best friends, Brie is a painter and multimedia artist that has been in Chicago for just over four years now.

Upon walking into her home you are also walking into her studio in which she lives with two roommates. Her living room is contains canvases filled with color, photographs she’s taken for inspiration, knick knacks she’s collected over the years and oodles and oodles of paint. Everything feels light and radiant, put in that specific place with a purpose, as if she reprimands them any time the move out of their proper placing. There are colors all over the walls manifesting in various forms such as fabrics, paints, photographs, anywhere you look you see a little piece of her.

Brie dances through her home showing me her latest projects, canvases of all sizes, jean jackets and purses splashed with flashes of color. Each project has a story, a feel that she is trying to portray. Empowerment, strength, courage, solemnity, relaxation. As we begin to photograph her work she tries on different outfits for different pieces (her style is impeccable). Her outfits are just as colorful as she is, her favorite piece she puts on are her overalls. Both functional and stylish they are a top choice for when she spends her time creating.

Not only does Brie paint on canvas, but she also paints jackets, purses, jeans, leather, anything she can get her paint brush on she spreads her love and passion for art all over it. Her style is dynamic and bold, each piece its own being while still resembling her spirit.

The entire time I was with her I couldn’t stop taking images of her work and my surroundings. To see more images/works by The Brie Show, follow her on instagram @thebrieshow_ft.creative and check out her website that I’ve linked below and then pick up a work of art for your home!


Marisa Savegnago