About Me


A little about me.

I’m a traveling elopement and lifestyle photographer from Chicago, Illinois . I have an amazing boyfriend who supports all of my dreams and endeavors, and one sassy dog. I love to be on the move, and tend to be a workaholic I’m constantly working on projects and always looking to try new things. At the same time I’ll always take a night in watching horror movies snuggling with my pupper and my bearded best friend. I love the city, and I love exploring it, there is always something more to see and I also love hiking. My second favorite place after Chicago is Duluth Minnesota, both places are filled with adventure and excitement. I have dreams to start another business one day, that promotes the reuse of materials and objects and making furniture out of antique materials.


A Little Bit More

Prior to this past year I was a Division I swimmer, and I’ve been swimming since the beginning of time. My boyfriend Tanner and I met while swimming together in Chicago, and we’ve been together ever since.

Tanner and my dog Kayla are my main squeeze’s. They keep me sane and keep me busy having fun and balanced. Five fun facts about me, one, I love tacos, like LOVE them. Two, my right leg is shorter than my left leg. Three, my favorite thing to do is watch movie trailers on youtube. Four, I worked as a handyman for nine months last year, and five, my favorite way to take photos is with a disposable camera. I think it’s so exciting having to wait for the photos to get developed before I can see them.

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