Wheaton Forest Preserve Senior Photos | Kat Class of 2022

For Kat’s senior photos, we knew we for sure wanted to head to one of Wheaton’s forest preserves. Other than that Kat was fairly open. Leading up to her senior session Kat scheduled her phone call to go over the details of her session. On the call, Kat decided to include her pup in some of the photos which is so much fun. We opted to start her session at her home which was relatively close to Blackwell Forest Preserve. That way her pup could relax to some degree for the photos.

Her Back Yard

For Kat’s senior photos we started her session at her Wheaton home. Kat can be kind of a homebody and loves spending time with her pup, her best friend, and her siblings. When I arrived at Kat’s house the whole family and her best friend were all there to support her for the first half of her session. We all hung out in the backyard while I took some photos. They sorta cheered her on and helped wrangle their pup for her photos making the first half of her session a super collaborative event.

I love having part of a senior session at home when you want to include your pet. Having it at home takes 50% of the stress off the table and gives you a safe environment to be with your pet. We were able to let her pup relax and take some photos with them here or there or when they showed interest in what we were doing. If you’re interested in including a pet in your session check out this blog for tips!

After taking some photos in her backyard with her pup Kat and I went out front for some photos on her street. I love the feel of a suburban neighborhood in the summer. The grass is green, it’s fairly quiet and we pretty much have the space to ourselves. Kat has spent many years running up and down these streets with her friends and sisters. It only makes sense to have some of her senior photos taken here.

After we took some photos out front, Kat ran inside and got herself changed. Then we headed to Blackwell Forest Preserve near Wheaton for the rest of her senior session. Another nice perk to having part of your senior session at home, you can change in your room! It is SO much easier than changing in my tent or in your car.

Senior portrait with the sky in the background at Blackwell Forest Preserve

Blackwell Forest Preserve

Blackwell Forest preserve is one of my FAVORITE spots for senior photos in the Wheaton area. There is so much to do and see between the docks, the lake and the paths. Also, because the preserve is so large, we always feel fairly isolated when we are there. There’s no need to watch out for people driving by or in the background of our photos, it always feels like we have the place to oursevles.

I typically meet my seniors by the boat launch about a mile into the Blackwell Butterfield entrance. From there we wander along the lake soaking in the views, we might follow some paths here or there and then we typically end our session up on the hill.

The hill, one of the best spots in Wheaton to watch the sunset is always covered in beautiful soft grasses that glow with the colors of the sunset over the summer. This glow makes it the PERFECT place to wrap up our senior session.

Senior posing on the dock in Blackwell Forest Preserve
Senior posing on the dock in Blackwell Forest Preserve
Senior portrait taken in front of water at Blackwell Forest preserve
Photo of senior sitting on steps in Blackwell Forest Preserve
Closeup of senior in front of lake at Blackwell Forest Preserve
Senior standing in the field of forest preserve at sunset
Senior portrait on path in forest preserve at sunset

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