My Top Ten Senior Photo Locations in the Suburbs



One of my personal favorite locations for senior photos, Blackwell forest preserve is filled with trees, winding paths, a massive lake, and trees that tower over the roads that wind through. Blackwell forest preserve is awesome for senior photos in that it is a MASSIVE location. You can have the majority of your session without having to pause for people walking through your shot. Plus there is such a wide variety of spots for your photos you really cannot go wrong with Blackwell.

Downtown Wheaton

Arguably one of the most popular spots for photos in the area, Downtown Wheaton is a beloved location for all Wheaton dwellers. If you’re looking for a more urban vibe closer to home I highly recommend Downtown Wheaton. Its alleys are rich in history and character making it a super beautiful spot for senior photos.

St. James Forest Farm

A close second to Downtown Wheaton, St. James Forest Farm is a super cool location for senior photos and has been a fan favorite for years. St. James Forest Farm is a massive forest preserve On the northern edge of Warrenville. The farm boasts some traditional barn-like structures, open fields, winding paths, and much much more. I LOVE when seniors want to come here for their senior photos.

St. Charles/Geneva

Downtown St. Charles

Downtown St. Charles is filled to the brim with character and history. With its location being right on the fox river there is plenty of space to wander around and take some really awesome photos. Walk the river walk, the main strip, the nearby parks, and everything else St. Charles has to offer.

Downtown Geneva

Downtown Geneva is SUCH a cool spot for senior photos. The little downtown area has SO many cool shops, some really gorgeous old homes and streets along with plenty of space to take some really awesome photos. I love pairing this spot with Fabyan Forest Preserve to give seniors the best of both worlds.

Fabyan Forest Preserve

Fabyan forest preserve is such a cool forest preserve located in Geneva Illinois. The forest preserve sits on the Fox River stretching to both sides of the river. The two sides of the forest preserve are connected by a bridge along with an island that sits in the middle of the Fox River. Between the winding paths, the central gardens, the island, and the windmill, there is plenty to do at Fabyan Forest Preserve for your senior session.

Carol Stream

West Branch Forest Preserve

One of my personal favorite locations for portraits is West Branch Forest Preserve in Carol Stream. The forest preserve has a generally simple landscape with its large lake, small beaches, and vast prairies. This spot creates a very simple and calming backdrop for senior photos, and is the perfect spot to hang and picnic following your session!

General Spots

Your School

What better place to take some senior photos than the place you spent your last four years?! Taking photos at your school is an awesome way to show school spirit while also documenting what your school was like when you attended. When taking photos at your school we will always take photos outside unless you get written permission from your school to use the interiors. You will more than likely need a copy of my liability insurance if we go inside so please make sure to give me a heads up.

Your Home

Taking photos at your childhood home is a super fun experience that will showcase where you spent most of your time throughout your teen years! If you’re not sure where to have your senior session and are open to taking some photos at your home, I always recommend it to seniors. It’s also an awesome opportunity to sneak family into a handful of photos or even your pets!

Your favorite place

Whether your favorite spot is Starbucks, the back of your car, or a secret spot in your hometown, it’s always fun to include your favorite locations during your senior session. When you look at your senior photos 10 years from now I want you to be able to look back at them and feel a sense of nostalgia, which is why taking photos at your favorite place, wherever it may be is always an awesome idea.

Looking for more locations for your senior session? Check out my full senior location guide here!

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