Incorporating Sports Into Your Senior Sessions

Sports to many high schoolers are their entire world. They’re what you revolve your decisions around, the closest thing you have to a full-time job, and one of the coolest experiences you can have during your time in high school. Whether you want to revolve your entire session around your sport of choice, or just include a couple of details to honor the time you’ve spent you’re definitely going to want to include your sport in your senior session. If you’re not quite sure where to start, here are 4 Ways to Incorporate your Sports in your Senior Session.

Senior shows off tennis uniform on court for sports themed session

1. Location

One of the easiest ways to subtly incorporate your senior session and get some SICK photos is to have part of your session where you spend your time practicing or performing! Tennis courts, baseball diamonds, swimming pools, all are phenomenal ways to subtly incorporate your sport into your senior session.

Senior shows off baseball uniform and bat for sports themed session

2. Your Gear

One of the coolest ways to incorporate your sport into your senior session is to get your sports gear involved in the session. Whether that’s wearing your glove and baseball uniform, bringing your football helmet, pads, and jersey to the session, or wearing your cheer outfit there are so many great ways for you to incorporate your sports gear into your session.

3. Your Accomplishments

In the age of covid 19, there sadly haven’t been a ton of banquets honoring all you’ve accomplished in your sport these past couple of years. You deserve to celebrate your accomplishments though, so bring along your all-conference plaque, your varsity letters metals, and anything else you’re proud of from your sport to your senior session. I love celebrating your accomplishments when celebrating you!

Senior does a backflip on track field for sports themed session

4. Let’s do the thing!

As long as it’s safe and we are in a space where you can execute some of your skills safely, let’s do the thing! Show off your dance moves while we’re in a forest preserve, swing for the fences while you’re on the baseball diamond, or if we have access to a pool let’s get some action shots of you going off the blocks. These ideas not only let you show off your talent for the sport but also lead to some incredible photos for your senior session!

Looking for some full sessions all about sports? Check out Gunnar’s session. Looking to subtly hint to your sport? Check out CC’s session. Then if you’re looking for some general inspiration you can check out my Instagram page or head over to Pinterest!

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