What to Wear for Your Senior Pictures

It’s your senior year and it’s time to get yourself some senior photos to celebrate all of your accomplishments as you head into this next chapter of your life. So now it’s time to figure out what you’re going to wear for your senior pictures. This can seem like a hard question to answer, but with the help of this article you’ll be able to find outfits that fit your style and are perfect for your senior session. Let’s get into it!

Why you should choose your own outfits

Hate to break it to you, but you’re only going to be this young and cool once. You will probably stay pretty cool as you age and go off to college, but your senior year you’re as young as you’ll ever be again! Like you change and your body changes so does your style! This is why it is SO important that we take a second to figure out what you’ll be wearing for your senior pictures so we can document what your style is like right now.

I dress much differently now than I did when I was in high school. I wore dark colors, oversized flannels, I had this longggggg hippie style hair and I constantly wore my hair in braids. It really was a look, and when I went to college, my style changed SO much. Having senior photos that reflected me and my sense of fashion at the time was the best decision I made that year. It’s so much fun to look back and have the memories come rushing in from looking at the clothes I wore.

What Kind of Outfits Should You Choose

For most of my senior sessions which you can check out here, I have them wear at least two different outfits throughout their session to give their pictures some variety. I like to have multiple outfits for each of my seniors so that they can showcase two or more different looks throughout their session. In most cases, seniors choose one more formal look (sometimes a parent helps with this look) and then after that they’ll opt for a more casual look that really expresses their style.

Both outfits need to be something that you feel good in not only physically but also mentally. There honestly is no worse feeling than getting your senior pictures taken and the shirt you’re wearing feels kinda funny or your pants don’t fit quite right. Choose items that you look good and feel good in so that when we are at your senior session you’re feeling confident and ready to show off your best self.

Tips for Shopping

If you’re wanting to shop and get some new clothes for your senior session, you’re going to want to make sure you have you’re clothing around two weeks ahead of your session. That way you can try on the clothes, break in your shoes if you need to break them in, and be sure that you feel good in your outfits.

Personally, I feel that I need to wear an outfit at least two times before I’m reallyyyyy comfortable in it. By the third wear, I know it will fit my body the way I need it to, the fabric is on the softer side, I know what to expect, and I know the clothing will be comfortable when walking and moving around in it. Another good option can be to check out Goodwill or your favorite local thrift shop for some already broken in clothes.

If you’re planning to just pull a couple of outfits from your closet, even better! You more than likely already know how they feel and look, and you know that they are going to be a good fit for you literally and figuratively.

Other Ways to Show Off Your Style

Now, what you’re wearing doesn’t have to be the only way you showcase who you are during in your senior pictures! There are SO many other ways to show off different parts of who you are right now. Here are 4 awesome ways to show off your personality and how you spend your time your senior year of High School.

1. Bring your favorite things

Cars, water bottles, rabbits, a scarf, your favorite hat, there are SO many different items in your life that are a key part of your identity right now. Bring some of these items with to your senior session as a fun prop for your photos.

2. Go to your favorite places

Do you spend EVERY weekend at Starbucks hanging out with your besties? More of a nature gal, heading to Blackwell Forest Preserve to swing in your Hammock? Let’s bring in some of these places and things into your senior sessions to really preserve those memories and give you something to look back on.

3. Incorporate an activity you spend your time doing

Whether you’re an athlete that LOVES showing off you skills, an artist that paints some insane art work or maybe you really love going on runs with your dog. All these activities are things we can incorporate in your senior session.

4. Show off your creativity

Obsessed with the 1970’s and want to bring a vintage vibe to your session? Sweet, bring on the flower power sunglasses. Maybe your favorite TikTok account is all about these insane photo shoots that you would love to remake with your own spin. Whatever you have spinning around in that brain of yours I’m game!

Remember you’re only going to be this young once, and as you get older you and your style are going to change, that’s why it’s so important to really think about what you want to wear for your senior pictures. It’s so important to capture these memories of who you are before you move on to your next adventure in life. However you choose to do that I am 100% here for it, and if you’re looking to book a senior session of your own fill out my inquiry form here and lets figure out what you should wear together!

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