Downtown Wheaton Senior Pictures | Cori Class of 2022

I know I say this over and over again, but Downtown Wheaton is by far one of my favorite places for senior pictures.

The Back Alleys

For Cori’s senior pictures in Downtown Wheaton, we started off the session walking through the back alleys. I love taking photos in the back alleys of Wheaton for a number of reasons. The first reason is there are MUCH fewer people while it is still populated enough to feel safe. Without people walking around all over seniors feel more confident to show off their personality and goof around a bit more. We also don’t have to worry about waiting for people to get out of the background of the photo. This makes a much nicer flow and environment for the seniors.

The second reason is the history that was left behind in those alleys. Painted walls, signs that once belonged to past businesses that ran Wheaton, there are just so many cool spaces that run through the center of Wheaton in it’s widened alleyways that make for awesome backdrops for your senior pictures.

Senior picture taken in front of brick wall in downtown Wheaton
Senior picture taken in downtown Wheaton

Cori’s Green Dress

Cori did a phenomenal job choosing out her outfits for her senior session. Cori’s mint green dress was the perfect color to stand out against the deep green of the Adam’s Park grass. It also complimented her complexion so well. I always suggest to seniors to wear an outfit with some movement to it. Wearing a skirt with movement gives you something to do with your hands while I’m snapping photos. It also makes for visual interest in photos.

Senior picture in front of flowers taken at Adam's Park in Wheaton

Cori’s Casual Outfit

When choosing outfits I always recommend to seniors to pick out at least one outfit that feels like them. This means it could be casual or dressy, as long as it feels like you. Cori picked out a cute floral top with her favorite skinny jeans and sandals for her second outfit.

Senior picture taken on Wheaton IL sidestreet

Looking for more Downtown Wheaton inspiration for your senior pictures? Check out Jackie’s Senior session to see how we incorporated Downtown Wheaton in her senior photos!

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