What to Wear to Your Senior Session | Spring 2022

Alright, to start, I freaking love my seniors. I love getting to know you, hearing about your dreams and plans, I love getting creative with you for your session and putting together some magic photos you feel confident in. We will be working together from the beginning on what to wear, your hair, what to bring with and how to prepare for your session.

If you’re like me, you’re probably really freaking excited and already thinking about what to wear for your senior session! If this is the case, here are a handful of things to think about as you’re planning out your outfits for your senior session.

Picking Out an Outfit

Comfort is Key

More than anything I want you to be comfortable at your senior session. There is nothing worse than showing up somewhere to take photos in a dress that doesn’t fit right or new shoes that are giving you blisters. Not only will you be uncomfortable, but it will also show in your pictures.

If you’re buying anything new for your senior session, make sure to wear the outfit once or twice so you know you’ll be comfortable in it. Be sure to wear any new shoes you plan to wear at least three times so that they are nice and broken in on your feet. Then last but not least, make sure you can move in your outfits. We will not be standing in one area the entire time. It is important that you plan to be walking around quite a bit and that you’re dressed so you are comfortable doing so.


When choosing what to wear for your senior session there are a few general rules I like to stick to when picking out your outfits. When thinking about colors, make sure you think about what colors compliment your skin tones.

What to lean towards

Neutral colors or muted tones are always the way to go. Beige, blacks, whites, greys, browns. Then after those muted tones of your favorite colors are where you’ll want to head. So instead of true red look for a blush pink or maroon. If you like blue, instead of true blue opt for a baby blue or a navy blue.

What to avoid

True colors, or what I like to call Crayola marker colors are gorgeous but not for clothing at your session, but in full sunlight, the colors tend to reflect on the wearer’s skin altering their skin color and sometimes distorting the image colors overall. This is why I suggest neutral or muted tones.

Senior wearing patterned shirt for photo session


I LOVE incorporating a pattern in outfits, it brings so much dimension and visual interest into your photos, but there is definitely a right way to incorporate patterns and textures into your outfits. When choosing an outfit with a pattern for your senior session you’ll want to gravitate towards smaller patterns. I would suggest you would want the object of your pattern to be no larger than a dime. That way the pattern isn’t distracting the focus of your images from you to your clothing, because after all, these photos are all about you!


Almost all of my senior sessions include at least two outfits for the session. I love having more than one outfit at a senior session. It allows you to show off two different sides of yourself! I always suggest to my seniors to allow their parents or guardians to have some input on one of their outfits. Most seniors choose this to be the dressier outfit. Then for the second outfit I tell my seniors to wear something that really feels like them.

I want you to be able to look back at your senior photos and really see your personality right now and how freaking cool you are. So if that means rocking your favorite pair of ripped jeans and a cropped top, let’s do it. Or maybe you’re obsessed with your dad’s old leather jacket from the ’90s or you have a dress that you just feel beyond confident in. Let’s freaking do it!

Senior wearing orange sweater for photo session

Weather and Layers

With living in the Midwest, we do have some hazards that come with planning a senior session in the spring. The past couple of years there has been a LOT of rain and humidity in the spring, but it is one of the most beautiful times of year to take your photos. A couple of things to think about when planning for a senior session in the spring.

Your shoes. Even if it isn’t raining the day of your session, the probability of the grass being wet for your senior session is very high. Make sure to wear shoes that can handle a little water. Or you can wear shoes that you don’t mind getting wet throughout your session. Some of the best spots at many of the forest preserves are off the walking paths. It is important to be prepared to walk off the path at your senior session and through some grass.

Your Hair. If the weather is humid and you have hair that can be affected by the temperature and humidity, I highly recommend wearing and styling your hair in a way that embraces its natural texture. Unfortunately, we can’t change the weather but you can plan for it!

If your skin also reacts to moisture in the air, I highly recommend having some Starbucks napkins on hand. They are perfect for keeping your face dry and clear and removing moisture.


If you’re unsure on where to start when putting together your outfits for your senior sessions I highly suggest checking out some inspiration. Websites like Pinterest or hashtags on instagram such as #seniorphotography will have a ton of inspo. Hashtags of your favorite clothing brands will also have TONS of fun inspiration to help you pick out your outfits. Looking to schedule your own senior session? Head to the link in my contact page to inquire!

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