4 Reasons You’ll Want Some Senior Photos at Home

Already through to the new year which means the class of 2022 will be graduating soon! That means it’s time to start daydreaming about and planning for your senior session. One of the most important parts of your senior session is taking some time to think about the locations you plan to have your session at! Most of my sessions have two locations included and multiple outfits. Some fan-favorite locations include St. James Forest Farm, Downtown Wheaton, and so many more. Have you ever thought about having some of your senior photos taken at home though?

Okay, now hear me out, though it’s not the most conventional spot for senior photos, having senior photos taken at home is an awesome location idea for a lot of seniors. There are so many reasons you might want some of your senior photos taken at home, but here are my top four.

Senior photo at home with dog

Your Pets

If you want to include your pets in your senior photos I ALWAYS suggest having a part of your senior session at home. Not only is it safer for your pet, but it also helps them to relax a bit more when taking photos. When taking photos of your pets there is a LOT going on. For one, I am a stranger, which can be stressful for pets, so taking photos in a space they’re familiar with like the backyard of your home will help them to relax for your senior session.

On top of that, without the distractions that come with having your session at a park, your pets are able to focus all their attention on you. You can have a couple of treats on hand to keep them close and we are able to relax with them without too much worry about them making a break for it or being distracted by wildlife and other humans.

Your Family

If you want your family to pop in one or two photos but not have a full session, I highly recommend having part of your senior session at home. We can meet at your home to take a handful of photos for the first ten minutes or so during your session and then take off from there.

This is especially ideal if you have elderly family members you would like to include in your photos or younger siblings. It will be much easier to have everyone ready on time if all you have to do is step outside to take your family photos.

Senior photo in backyard of home

Easy Outfit Changes

Starting or ending your senior photos session at home also makes for the easiest outfit changes. Not only do you get to change in the comfort of your own home rather than a tent or your car, but you also won’t have to pack your bag as full. If your home is in a centralized location between your other two locations you could even do all of your outfit changes at home by making your home the second or middle location!

You Might Not Live at Home Again

As you’re getting ready for all college has in store for you, this might be the last time you ever live at home with your family or the last time you live at this home specifically. After you leave for college you might decide to live in your college town in between your semesters, you may study abroad or travel, OR your family might even move homes! The summer after your senior year could potentially be the last time you live in your childhood home so why not document some of your time there!

There are so many more reasons why you’ll want to include your home in your senior photos sessions, I’ve only listed a few! If you’re looking to see a session that included their home for their session check out one of the sessions listed below!




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