Wheaton Senior Photographer | Msav Photo’s Best of 2021

Because of the craziness that was 2021, there were quite fewer senior sessions than there typically are within a year. With all of my wedding reschedules I was only able to fit in 14 senior sessions this year as a Wheaton senior photographer. All of the Wheaton senior sessions I was able to have though did not disappoint. Though I was sad that I wasn’t able to fit in any more seniors I am SO excited for 2022 and all of the space I’ve left for my seniors this year! The sessions I was able to have this year were SO cool. I have to say, the fashion trends were so cool this year. As well as the locations my seniors chose this year were a blast, with the fan-favorite being St. James Forest Farm like many years before.

For now, though let’s take a look back at some of the sessions I was SO lucky to be a part of!

Desi’s 8th Grade Graduation Session

Desi was a TROOPER for her senior session, it was SO cold and Desi wanted to show off her super cute spring outfits for her session. The flowers were just barely blooming AND there was some frost on the ground from the day before (I blame the Midwest). Desi is the SWEETEST and I am so happy we were able to make our session work in the cold!

Senior photographs taken in Wheaton

Cori’s Downtown Wheaton Senior Session

For Cori’s Wheaton Senior Session, we wandered around some of the BEST spots in Downtown Wheaton. Though it was a little chilly the sun was shining and it was just beautiful in downtown Wheaton. Cori wore the cutest dress, I will be putting it in ALL of my senior outfit guides because it was seriously perfect for her session. The dress went so well with her skin tones and it was so much fun to play and twirl around in.

Abi and Julie

I don’t get to take senior photos for Doctors very often, but man I am SO lucky I was able to work with Abi and Julie! We had so much fun running around their college campus reminiscing on their late nights studying together and all the fun that they had. Abi and Julie were SO excited to be done with school and moving on to the next chapter in their lives and it was so much fun to document this transition for them!

Wheaton Family senior graduation photographs on Chicago Lakefront

Marisa and Anthony

Marisa and I actually grew up together so I go WAY back with their family. We had SO much fun taking photos celebrating her and her brother graduating at the same time! We walked along the Chicago lakefront, popped some champagne, and were able to celebrate all their accomplishments!


Alright can we take a moment to appreciate Olivia and HOW FREAKING GORGEOUS her senior session was? She seriously had the COOLEST style and we had so much fun at her senior session. Olivia and I walked around some of the best spots at St. James Forest Farm in Wheaton for her senior session, and were able to photograph some gorgeous portraits of her as a sort of send-off for her senior year!


Taylor is so freaking cool and was so relaxed in front of the camera the entire session, I LOVED being able to work with her to capture some awesome senior photos. We walked around St. James Forest Farm in Wheaton for her senior session and were able to photograph her and we even did some photos with her and her family! What a great way to document her senior year!

Baseball player senior photograph near Wheaton


Alright, y’all let’s talk a bit about Gunnar and his senior session because it was SO FREAKING COOL. Not gonna lie, I had no idea what to expect going into his senior session. He and his mom very specifically wanted photos that celebrated his baseball career which was a first for me. But we followed our instincts and Gunnars vision for the session and it turned into one of my favorite sessions of the season!


Can you believe that CC doesn’t really have photos taken of her often? Like, COME ON! CC was a natural in front of the camera and we had way too much fun taking her senior photos on the south side of Wheaton. For her senior session, we started out at one of my favorite spots to photograph , the St James Forest Farm before ending her session over at her school Wheaton Warrenville South. CC is a part of the tennis team at South so we wanted to spend some time taking some photos where she spends so much of her school year, on the tennis courts! We had so much fun at CC’s senior photos and I am so happy with the way her album turned out!


For Kat’s senior session we started off at her home in Wheaton where we snapped some photos of her and her pup as well as down her street in her neighborhood! After that Kat did an outfit change and we headed out to Blackwell Forest Preserve in Wheaton for the rest of her senior photographs. Kat couldn’t have picked a better day, the sunset was absolutely jaw-dropping and somehow we had the whole place practically to ourselves!


For Emily’s senior session, she knew she wanted to go somewhere different from what she sees most seniors going for her session. I was so excited when she decided on Downtown Geneva and Fabyan forest preserve! Both locations are becoming some of my favorites and I am so excited to hopefully have more sessions there in the future!

Senior photographs taken in Wheaton


Sarah’s senior session was actually insane. About an hour or so before the session thunderstorms appeared on the radar. Luckily, they weren’t to start until about the time the session was to finish. We decided to go for it because of all the rain that had been hitting the Wheaton area around that time. We weren’t sure when we would have another opportunity to have her senior session. I am SO glad we did. We had plenty of light as we walked through Downtown Wheaton snapping some photos in outfit one and two. Then we met over at St. James where we were greeted with absolutely insane storm clouds showcasing every color of the rainbow.

Senior photographs taken in Wheaton


Jakeline was a TROOPER trying to get her session done. We actually rescheduled her Wheaton senior session twice before actually being able to do it because of the crazy Midwest weather. Jakeline chose the adventure session for her senior session and we had SO MUCH FUN. We got up nice and early and met at St. James Forest farm. The sunrise over the fog was jaw dropping and we were able to get so many fun photos. From there we went over to Wheaton Warrenville South and Jakeline rocked the CUTEST skirt with some Tiger gear. We ran around the football field and then took some photos on the bleachers. After that we headed towards the front of her school to take some photos in front of their schools sign. Finally we ended our session walking the streets of Downtown Wheaton


Like Jakeline, we were also faced with some unruly weather. We started off her session at St. James Forest Farm. Sara is a dancer so posing in front of the camera came SO naturally to her. We wandered around St. James taking in some of the greenery as well as using some of the buildings as a backdrop. After that, we headed over to Blackwell Forest Preserve for the second half of her session. We were able to finish her session on the hill at Blackwell Forest Preserve. The hill is always one of my favorites for sunset.


ROXANA, oh my goodness, I don’t think I’ve ever been so obsessed with a seniors outfit choices. We met at St. James forest farm to start her session. Roxana insisted prior to the session that she might be awkward in front of the camera but she was a NATURAL. We started off her session at St. James Forest Farm and then ended her session at Blackwell Forest Preserve for sunset. She wore the cutest sweaters with some distressed jeans and the CUTEST skirt. We had so much fun running around Wheaton for her session.

Heading into the new year I am SO excited for everything that is coming up! I am so thankful for all the seniors that chose me to be a part of their senior year celebrations and wish them all the best of luck as they head into the new year! If you’re looking to schedule your own senior session head to my contact page to get first dibs on my spring session dates starting in February.

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