Tips for Senior Photos: Friendship Sessions

First let me just start off by saying how much I LOVE friendship sessions. Seriously there is nothing more fun than getting together with your besties and getting your pictures taken to celebrate your last year of High School together. It’s such a great way to capture yourselves in this moment before you all move on to the next chapter of your life. With that being said there are some things you should know if you’re planning on having a friendship session for your senior photos, so here are my top tips to think about!

I need a parents signature for all participants under 18

When you book a friendship session, I will book the session through one central person. They will be in charge of the majority of the communications, deciding locations with your friends, working with me to choose a color palette and who will organize the payment. I will need each senior that is part of the friendship session’s email, and any parents email for seniors that are still under the age of 18. To these emails I will send over a contract that will require each senior and/or parent or guardians signature. This contract is put in place to protect you and ensure that I will provide you with photography services as well as protect me and my gear etc.

Choosing your outfits

Seniors walk with their school shirts for photo session

When setting up your friendship session, I suggest setting up a theme for your session. Talk it over with your friends and coordinate what kind of outfits and or colors you will include in your wardrobes for this session.

Some themes that would be a Blast for your friendship session include:


-Grad gear

-Friday night lights(all school spirit)

-College tees

-Or seasonal outfits with coordinating colors

Choosing a location

Seniors photo session on college campus

Choosing a location for your friendship session adds SO much personality to your session. If you can choose a place that means something to you and your friends like a frequent hangout spot, that is great. Otherwise there are so many other great options in the area that are perfect for your session,Dupage County’s site has a list of all of their forest preserves which you can find here. Places such as Blackwell or St. James Forest Farm are great locations for a neutral canvas. Check out my full senior location guide here

If you want to schedule a friendship session

If you and your friends are wanting to schedule a friendship session check head to this link and fill out my contact form. From there we will decide on a date and a theme together then begin to move forward with the process.

I highly recommend putting together a group chat with the friends you hope to set up your session with and start the planning process together. Talk through, outfits, props, ideas and locations so that you are all on the same page for your session.

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