Senior Portraits at Fabyan Forest Preserve

Senior portraits at Fabyan Forest Preserve are honestly just the best. There are so many gorgeous spots throughout the forest preserve that are super unique making it the perfect place to have your senior photos. Located in the Chicago suburb of Geneva IL, Fabyan Forest Preserve offers a wide variety of backdrops and makes for great portraits for your senior session.

What’s at Fabyan Forest Preserve?

Fabyan Forest Preserve is located right on the Fox River. The Forest Preserve has two entrances, the more popular entrance right off of Crissey Avenue by the Fabyan Windmill. There is plenty of parking right off of the walking paths that wind through the forest preserve.

The nice thing about Fabyan Forest Preserve is that, though it can get crowded on summer nights with photographers and families taking an evening walk, everywhere you look there is a gorgeous spot perfect for photos.

The Bridge

After you’ve parked in the East Parking Lot at Fabyan Forest Preserve there is a long and wide bridge that goes over the Fox River. When taking photos on the bridge make sure to be mindful of the bikers that pass through on the Fox River trail as they FLY by on these bridges!

I love when my seniors rock an edgier look on these bridges, it almost ends up giving their photos an urban vibe.

Senior photo on the Fox River in Fabyan Forest Preserve

The River

I love taking photos on the Fox River around sunset as the lighting that reflects off the water is GORGEOUS. There are a lot of different areas where you can stop and then get down right next to the river which makes for some super cool photos. You being right on the river also gives you a completely clear sky behind you two which makes for some pretty cool photos.

Sometimes there are plants that grow right on the surface of the water that gives a really beautiful effect meshing with the reflections of the trees that grow along the Fox River.

Senior portrait at the garden in Fabyan Forest Preserve

The Garden

The gardens in Fabyan Forest Preserve are really beautiful for senior photos. With the vines climbing over the tunnel and then the gorgeous flowers planted surrounding the paths, the gardens are a perfect backdrop for some of your senior portraits.

The Brick Walls

Throughout the forest preserve, there are a variety of walls and arches made of concrete and brick that frame the paths leading up to the farmhouse. The farmhouse was originally built by the Fabyans in the 1900s and was then redesigned by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1907. After their deaths, the city purchased the Fabyan estate and then turned it into a forest preserve and museum. Check out more history on Fabyan Forest Preserve here.

Senior portrait with wildflowers in Fabyan Forest Preserve

The Wild Flowers

Along the river and in various patches along the Fox River Paths are bits of wildflowers that grow every spring and summer. I LOVE taking photos of my seniors surrounded by flowers at golden hour, as it makes for some beautiful photos.

Senior portrait taken on the island in Fabyan Forest Preserve

The Island

On the Fox River, there is a little island halfway across the river. There is a bridge that crosses over the river to the island and then continues over to the other side of the river, and then there is another entrance to the island a little north. I LOVE taking photos of my seniors on the island as there is a beautiful view of the river that feels like it’s never-ending.

The Forest

If you follow the Fox River Path North or South of the Japanese Gardens you will find tall trees and patches of forest. Taking senior portraits in the forest itself gives you a beautiful natural background that is always so lush and vibrant, especially in the fall with all the changing colors of the leaves.

The Gate

One of the most well-known spots in Fabyan in terms of pictures, and for good reason. The gate pictured above and below is a super popular spot for photos. If you want photos in front of the gate for your senior photos I recommend going on an off evening, such as a Monday or a Tuesday night for your session, or be okay with waiting a bit to take your photos at this spot. On weekends in the summer there is frequently a line of people waiting to take photos in front of this spot at Fabyan, although if that is your only option I still recommend it as it is one of my favorite spots in the forest preserve.

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